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"Their new album Earthanasia is their best work of the most pleasurable albums to listen to this year."

Louder Than War


"Having their new direction accepted has given them freeing confidence on ‘Earthanasia’ to explore the destructive fringes of their creativity... sentiment flows from every corner of the album and has allowed them to be more expressive than ever. Long may it continue."

Travellers Tunes

"Revitalized, rejuvenated and reinvigorated...Thousand Yard Stare’s second adventure is far from over just yet.

Under The Radar

"In these troubled times, there’s something deeply reassuring about a Thousand Yard Stare album. You know you can switch off for the next forty or so minutes, relax and enjoy some uplifting, reflective pop music....The transformation in the legacy of Thousand Yard Stare is quite remarkable!"

Even The Stars

"This album has that air of excitement and is fitting for the times."

Indie Masterplan

New Album

Out Now

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