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May 29th 2020


27 years after the release of their last studio LP, TYS return with The Panglossian Momentum, the album the band say is "the record we always wanted to make". TPM continues their exploration into new textures an lyrical content, and represents a the band at their creative best. An album very much for now, but rooted in their signature style, feeling both progressive yet firmly linked to their records of the past. An utter triumph.

Available on Ltd. edition coloured splatter effect vinyl heavyweight gatefold sleeve, 6 panel digi-pack CD with art and lyric sheet, and download.




November 24th 2017


TYS's second studio album, released in 1993. Recorded with Stephen Street (The Smiths, Blur) around a strenuous touring schedule across Europe and the USA. The band originally split not long after release, but the record remains an essential part of the band's repetior, including the single Version Of Me and live favourites such as Tragedy No.6 and What's Your Level?

Deluxe Edition includes the previously un-released tracks Extol and Safe Haven. Download only.



In early 2017, Thousand Yard Stare went into the studio to record their first EP for 25 years. Instead, they recorded two, emerging with kissing cousins   DeepDreaming and StarGrazing. A progression in sound as would be expected after a quarter of a century, yet still inherently stamped with the TYS trademark style, the two EPs show a band who have awoken re-juvinated, marking their second coming with arguably their best material to date.

The two EPs are brought together onto one deluxe CD gatefold package with fold out litho printed booklet with artwork and lyrics, and download.




May 1st 2017



A comprehensive compendium of our EP tracks released between 89-93. This unique compilation takes in tracks from WeatherWatching, Seasonstream, Comeuppance, Spindrift and Version Of Me EPs, grouting the holes in our musical canon around and between our two 90's studio albums... a one for the completists!

Includes a live bootleg version of Comeuppance and the the rare US Edit of Buttermouth. Available as a download only.




November 24th 2017



After 23 years, TYS returned to the studio to capture the essence of their 2016 selves. Recorded in two days at Brighton Electric in an effort to create a 'live in the studio' vibe of a band re-energised after two decades away, the result is the aptly titled Live At Electric Studios. Taking in versions of many of their live and EP/LP favourites plus a sprinkle of brand new tracks to freshen things up, LAES serves both as a fan's compilation or as a first introduction to TYS.

The CD is available in a gatefold digipack with full art and lyric insert and download.






June 22nd 2016



TYS's debut album originally released in 1992, which slipped quietly into the UK Top 40, at least for a little while. Recorded at Surrey Sound studios with Stephen Street (The Smiths, Blur) the album contained some of most known tracks spawned from a slew of EPs, including  Comeuppance, 0-0 a.e.t. and Wideshire.

The Deluxe Edition includes 4 live tracks recorded live in Paris in 1992, and is available as a download only.






November 24th 2017

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